Table Saw Reviews 2016

Table Saw Reviews 2016Table saws are becoming more and more portable as the years gone by. It makes a lot of builders’ works easier and more efficient. If you are a builder and working with wood cuttings, you would want to find the most portable but cost effective table that fits your needs, so here are the 3 best table saws recorded for year 2016 and its reviews.

First on the list is DeWalt 7491RS 10-inch job Site table saw with rolling stands. With five star rating, this very portable and durable table saw has climbed up to the top. It has been the most rated table saw in every shop. This table saw has aluminium composition making it lightweight but very strong durable. Its rolling stand is made for placing the saw from one place to another easily. As for the blade, it has 24 tooth blade but you can upgrade it into a 50 tooth blade and it will surely work perfectly, cuts smooth and even faster. This table saw can also be folded up to make it fit in storages. Safety features are complete and has additional lock out features on the switch so never worry about switching it off accidentally, as well as large lever that you can hit with your knee to switch it off in emergencies, in case your hands are full. It is 15amp saw, and has the capability to use dado plate.

Second to that is Makita 2705X1 table saw from scrollking. It is 84lbs heavier than the first table saw, but its stands aren’t that big but adjustable and can be very handy. It is rated four and a half star. It has incredibly solid construction that contractors will love especially if they use table saw every day. It has extension that extends smoothly when cutting wide woods. This table saw might be the most powerful one in the market these days; it runs at estimated 1,000 RPM’s. Has an adjustable riving knife, its blade guard prevents from any kickbacks and has electric break for emergencies that can also be hit by your knee if your hands are full just like Dewalt. Although this table saw is really handy and has incredible design, it is also one of the most expensive table saws in the market, well if you’re willing to spend for this quality tool, and then go for it.

Our third place is Bosch 4100DG table saw also with rolling stand, it is also rated four and a half star just like Makita, and has 113 lbs. It is a well-designed table saw and very detailed, its no-load RMP is 3650 and it is 25 inches. It is a very user friendly tool and has large handle for sliding table lock. It also has arbour-lock button which makes it so handy. Also have complete blade guard features for maximum user protection

So here are the 3 best table saws we have today, the next thing to do is to choose one according to your needs and of course budget. It is important to choose wisely and accurately, and consider your safety as a user.